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Locksmith Leeds UK offer a full range of locksmith services in Leeds and the surrounding areas. We use top quality products, the best brands on the market and up to date modern tools to ensure we provide our customers the best possible locksmith service each time. A list of the locksmith services we provide are as follows:

Changing Locks

There are numerous reasons people require their locks changed, you may have lost keys, moved home or just simply want to upgrade to a more secure lock mechanism. Whatever the reason for changing your locks Locksmith Leeds UK will offer you the best advice on the best locks to suit your needs and arrange a time that suits you to come to your property and install them.

Gain Entry

 If your keys are lost or broken then there is no need to worry our locksmith Leeds team are available 24 hours a day to help you gain entry to your property. We carry out this service on a daily basis and are able to get you back into your property without causing any damage to the existing locks or door.

UPVC Mechanism Repair

There are lots of reasons why your windows or door may not be working correctly but that doesn't necessary mean you need to replace the whole thing. We supply and fit new locking mechanisms and repair damaged ones for all mechanism types.

Burglary Repair

If you have been unfortunate enough to have experienced a burglary we can repair any damage and ensure the security of your property. Locksmith Leeds UK can also provide advice to minimise the chance of a repeated burglary, we can upgrade your existing door locks, window locks or garage locks. We will also ensure that any locks or additional security measures installed are insurance approved in line with the requirements of British Standard (TS007), right up to 5* security rating which requires a 3* sold secure diamond rated cylinder lock in conjunction with a 2* sold secure pair of door handles.

We realise that such a traumatic experience can be quite difficult on the family as a whole, therefore we will explain to you step by step of how we are improving your security in order to give you reassurances of how much more secure your property will be in the future.

If you need a locksmith contact us...

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