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Three Ways To Improve Your Front Door Security

08/11/2017 18.54pm

When you hear about a break in or read the latest burglary statistics, it becomes apparent just how important it is to take a look at your own security and see how it can be improved.


When it come to your front door security there are many things you can do to ensure it is as secure as possible.


Below are 3 tips of things you can easily do to improve the security of your front door:

1. Upgrade Your Locks - the lock on your door is probably the most important part when it comes to security. There are many different types of locks to choose from but its important to make sure you have the right type of lock that provides the best security for your door. If you are unsure on what lock to choose ask your local locksmith for help, its probably wise to get them to install the lock for you as well to ensure it is properly fitted. Locks are the main security system on your door so it is important to have a good secure lock to prevent easy access to your property.

2. Install a Security Screen – Security screens are effectively another door put in front of your front door. They are made from perforated metal barriers and have additional locks. They protect against kicking and pushing the door to force it open. The added security of another lock also makes them a good deterrent. You also have the added bonus of being able to open your front door to unfamiliar visitors and still have yourself and property protected from a forced entry.

3. Install a Better Front Door – How good your front door is in terms of security depends on what material it is made from. An external door should have a solid core and for the best protection the core should be made from iron or steel to give the door more strength. Having a strong front door will definitely improve your home security.


If you would like more information on improving your front door security then contact Locksmith Leeds UK on 0746 527 1598

Things You Should Know About Your Home Insurance

02/08/2017 17.22pm

With any contract or home insurance policy you take out it is always important to read the small print to avoid overlooking the small details that may invalidate you policy.


The main question you should ask yourself is what you are and are not covered for.

For those of you that are unsure we have put together a list of examples that may invalidate your policy:

  • You may not be able to claim if you are burgled when a window has been left open or unlocked when locks are fitted.

  • A payout for a claim may be refused or reduced if you incorrectly describe the locks on your policy.

  • Your insurer could refuse or reduce the payout on a claim if a burglar has gained entry to your property without force.

  • If you have a burglar alarm but do not turn it on when leaving your property vacant then your insurer could reduce or refuse payout.

  • Neglecting to secure tools that can be used to gain entry to your property such as ladders and crow bars could invalidated your policy.

  • If you have valuables that are not covered by your policy and they are left unsecure such as a lawn mower, then your claim will be rejected. It is important to confirm what is insured and then possibly extend your cover to include valuables then generally are kept outside.

  • Your claim may be refused or reduced if you do not notify your insure that builders are on site and accidental damage has occurred.

  • If you use your home as a place of business and don’t declare it to your insurer your policy could be invalidated as there is an increased risk of theft and claims.

  • Your claim could be refused if it is made during a time when your property has been left vacant for 30 consecutive days or more.

  • Damage caused by unwelcome guests such as mice or rats may not be covered by your policy.


Home security is a vital component when it comes to taking out a home insurance policy so introducing the necessary security measures and being cautious when it comes to your home security could result in paying lower premiums.

For advice on your home security or take measures to improve your home security call Locksmith Leeds UK on 0746 527 1598

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